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The Ukrainian Hustle

Resistance Grows Along With the Growth of the Psycho-in-Chief’s Abuses

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Donetsk, May 27

Donetsk is preparing to resist the aggression of the Ukrainian Army. Late in the evening on Prospekt Kievsky people of all ages work alongside the military to build barricades, dig holes, fill sandbags, place stones and tires. Two elderly women pray at the edge of the street. They all are ordinary people; Russian speaking citizens who do not recognize the legitimacy of the Kiev government. They do not want either the EU or the U.S. to operate in their homes.
Yesterday the airport was bombed by fighter jets. Also a helicopter fired into a military truck inside the city, killing two. That’s the politics of Piotr “Chocolate Bunny” Poroshenko against the citizens of his own country. The winner of the recent farcical elections, after enriching beyond measure at the time of the USSR collapse and subsequent wild privatizations, repeatedly accused of tax fraud and corruption in public works contracts, promised to quell unrest in the Southeast and threatened to invade Crimea (now Russia.)
U.S. and EU have been quick to recognize the validity of this mad shyster’s victory, despite all the shenanigans that have marked his win: 4 candidates coerced to quit, the aggression of other MPs, the attempted murder of Piotr Simonenko, Odessa’s pogrom, Crimea’s secession, various foreign interferences, and civil war in two large regions.
U.S. and EU called Yanucovich a tyrant. But when did Yanukovich send tanks, rocket launchers, fighter jets and mercenaries against his own people?
Poroshenko declares he intends to mend fences with Moscow, but wants to do it while continuing the slaughter of the Russian speaking citizens of the Donbass. He also states his intention to take Ukraine into the EU. Which EU leaders will agree to shake his disgustingly bloodstained hand? Will we hear Chancellor Merkel utter a proud “Heil, Piotr!”?

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


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