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Despite It All, It’s Donbass Ya’ll!

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Today, November 2, Donetsk had its first snowfall. It began in the afternoon quite unexpectedly. In the morning, the sky was clear. It was cold, but no one believed snowflakes could drop instead of bombs.
Yesterday, as I reached the checkpoint on Putilovsky Bridge, a concerned soldier approached me at brisk pace and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ He said it was extremely dangerous, and I was not allowed to go any further. Another soldier, Sergey, by now an acquaintance of mine, got out of the trench. A little more than one week had passed since our last meeting. He greeted me and shook my hand. His face, marked by distress and bloated with hematomas, was barely recognizable. In a faint voice, he said, ‘Go away! A rocket hit close to the checkpoint just a moment ago.’ Then, we heard the whistle of other incoming rockets.
At Donetsk Airport, hostilities quickly increased after the October 26 Ukrainian elections. The Junta Army shelled with howitzers and Grad rockets from the towns of Avdeevka and Peski, where a division of tanks is deployed as well.
In the last days, despite the lack of favorable opportunities, NAF attempted to attack the Ukrainian positions in Avdeevka. However, the main target was to keep the situation under control in order to allow a regular holding of Novorossiya elections. A defensive strategy, then, was highly preferable—in one or two weeks, counterattack could be taken into account.
Novorossiya is being born amongst huge fatigues, despite the occupation by Ukrainian troops, despite the shameful policy of EU and US administrations—who are the real culprits for war.
Despite the indecent mass media, which rather than informing the gullible dupes who still agree to be their audience, are committed to creating a consensus for their masters, when in need to get rid of a political leader unbending to their interests. Incessant reiteration of lies is their strategy, much like they did with Saddam, whose WMDs were never found. Much like they did with Gaddafi, only three years ago, who had never carried out any killing of the Libyan population. Mostly, they are engaged in inventing enemies to be fought in the wake of Washington and hide those responsible for the economic crisis and humanitarian disasters—to which later, the capable EU and US authorities will compensate with taxpayers’ money.
The dreaded attack didn’t take place. I call Sergey at the Airport, before sitting down to write.
‘All quiet,’ he says with a slightly relieved voice. He also did vote. ‘We need proper elections and smart leaders,’ he adds, with that very enthusiasm shared by many in the city.
Kiev Junta knows full well that in the Donbass its shabby Army has already lost despite its numerical superiority of troops and logistics. Despite, as recently admitted by a Ukrainian officer, the CIA making strategic decisions. Despite the billions of hryvnia provided by EU, US and IMF to pay off debts with Russia, and instead used to purchase weaponry in the West. Despite the foreign contractors, despite the forced conscription, despite Malaysia Airlines Boeing’s false flag.
Despite all of this and more, the junta has lost. As demonstrated by the sort of customs authorities set a few weeks ago along the border among Donbass and Banderastan, aka the remains of what once was Ukraine. That’s a temporary border because half of Donbass is still occupied, and hostilities will not cease until the Junta troops are wiped out, as Prime Minister Zakharchenko himself recently declared.
As I write these lines, after having spent the day wandering polling stations in Donetsk, the Presstitute Whores are working out their made-up stories of electoral frauds, irregularities, deficiencies, all possible reasons to support the EU and US decision of not recognizing the validity of such votes.
But something has changed, lately. The well-known German journalist Udo Ulfkotte stated the Western media has long been under the direct control of the CIA. Some major newspapers wrote about the Nazis free to act in the country, and called Poroshenko ‘a warmonger.’ Demonstrations of solidarity with the Donbass people took place in several European cities.
Yesterday evening, two international observers, E. Stadler (Austria) and A. Mussolino (Italy,) held a press conference and expressed their surprise that the OSCE doesn’t observe these elections, considering observance is one of its key tasks. They also stated the OSCE is not a fair partner in this area, going as far as to recommend the creation of a different agency for security and cooperation, which should be able, ready and willing to fulfill those competencies that OSCE didn’t, since it has chosen to become a part of the conflict by taking the policy of US against Russia.
At tonight’s press conference, after finishing his observation tour in Makeevka and Donetsk, once again the lawyer and MP Ewald Stadler is reporting:
‘Before I had never seen such huge crowds of people vote. And believe me, I have had several observation missions. Several persons had to wait for more than one hour. Look at the European poll stations: they are empty and if somebody has to wait more than five minutes, he leaves.’
A jibe for Western media comes immediately. ‘Their reports stated the opposite of what I saw,’ he says. ‘In all the poll stations, the atmosphere was friendly, relaxed, kind, not as typical as in a country in civil war. It was absolutely clear that the people here wanted to express their opinion that it is unacceptable that their own government brought civil war to this region. Let me say to the government in Kiev that they lost the hearts of the people of Donetsk.’
‘As well as my colleagues, I have not seen any person under pressure and I have not seen any threats against the voters. All the persons who wanted to vote secretly, they were able to vote secretly. The most persons put their ballots open into the election boxes.’
He replied to the question raised yesterday by the Al Jazeera correspondent—which would do a good thing if she changed job—about the presence of armed men at polling stations. ‘I haven’t seen any armed person in the rooms of the voting,’ he says. ‘The only armed persons stood either before the building or at the entrance.’
Stadler ends his speech with an appeal to European countries to accept the free will of the people of Donetsk Republic, and another one addressed to the attending journalists to be fair to the people here, to accept their rules, their will, and their opinion, and report fair about these elections. Because the people’s fate and the situation here is difficult enough.
Colleagues just returned from various parts of the DPR tell that there it was the same: large turnout, endless queues, and people happy to vote.
At 10:00 PM, from the stage in Lenin Square, the music still spreads throughout much of the city center. The concert started six hours before, brought together many people, and a small die-hard crowd still resists the harsh climate of early November. A local singer excites the spirits with a catchy refrain. A German photographer newly arrived asks me what it means. ‘Donbass speaks Russian,’ I say. She looks a little puzzled as the song ends and people punctuate Rus-si-a! Rus-si-a! Rus-si-a!
To deeply know this land and its sons one must figure out why endurance here has been possible. The West hardly can understand there are still those who won’t bend their head even in front of the strongest enemy. It hardly can imagine there are still people who don’t sell the land which they walk upon, and they are ready to suffer for it. Even ready to die for it. The West has forgotten there are values and traditions, and roots, mostly.
Despite it all, maybe someday History will recognize that events like this give birth to democracy, not the elites, locked in their oval rooms and glass palaces, in Washington and in Brussels, which assume by their colonial-type attitude that they are to decide the validity of people’s choices.
Donbass speaks Russian, rejects NATO, refuses to get involved in the broadening of the ranks of new serfdoms, so dear to the EU. Because the world is not all stars and stripes, mind it.
Come and have a look, you who do not believe. Here’s Donbass ya’ll!

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


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