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Hell, No, I’m Not Charlie—I’m No MSM Useful Idiot!

I’m NOT Charlie, and I could never be at all. Because Charlie Hebdo was no journalism. It provided no information, no knowledge, no cultural deepening. It was no satire, for its cartoons could be funny to no one but the imbeciles. It was no criticism of society. It was no protest. Above all, it was no freedom. Charlie Hebdo was not worth more than a brass of Ukrainian bitches shoving a crucifix up their asses, a dork nailing his testicles on the cobbles of the Red Square, or a Russian-whores punk band making an orgy inside a museum.
Charlie Hebdo was mere scorn towards everything and everyone, including the reader. It was vulgarity and stupidity. Of course, vulgarity and stupidity allowed to proliferate in the name of that press freedom, which its editorial staff didn’t enjoy. In 2002, the then Editor-in-chief P. Val sued Noam Chomsky for anti-Americanism and criticism of Israel. In 2008, he fired a cartoonist accusing him of antisemitism for mocking President Sarkozy’s son by stating he would convert to Hebraism in order to marry a home appliance chain’s heiress.
Charlie Hebdo was at the service of the World’s Strong Powers, and now its leftovers as well. It hung by the strings of the master-puppeteers scheduling the nations’ agenda on behalf of their own and sole interest. And as such, it was a fake. How do I know it, you might wonder? The answer is right there, down the boulevards de Paris.
No way I’m Charlie and no way I could attend any march, whatever was its purpose, and walk along with a gang of shysters such as those heading the 1/11 Paris Hypocrite Rally. Enough their presence to give evidence of how phony its motivations and purpose were.
“A March Against Terrorism,” they headlined, the mainstream media.
I’m not Charlie, and I don’t walk in the wake of Netanyahu, head of a usurper State pursuing a genocide in the Gaza Strip. I don’t walk with Davutoglu, who defended ISIS against accusations of terrorism while Mosul was looted, and the Yazidis massacred. I don’t walk with Sarkozy and Cameron, who actively participated in the destruction of Libya and the killing of 90,000 civilians. I don’t walk with Poroshenko because while I’m writing his bombs hit about 2 miles from my place. And in the past two days, Donetsk’s morgue once again was filled with corpses—corpses of civilians.
“A March for Press Freedom,” they headlined as well, the mainstream media.
Since the beginning of the hostilities in Ukraine 33 journalists were kidnapped, 47 arrested, 215 threatened, and from February to August 6 journalists were killed by the Ukrainian Army. Non-aligned media outlets are banned in the country of Poroshenko. Their reporters targeted as criminals, their offices stormed and firebombed.
No, I’m not Charlie because not 17 but at least 5,000 civilians were killed in Donbass since I’ve arrived here, and no MSM headlined “I’m Donbass!” On May 2, none of them headlined “I’m Odessa!” On June 2, none of them headlined “I’m Lugansk!”, “I’m Inna!” Following Poroshenko’s peace plan, the Ukrainian Army shelled the city of Slavyansk for 84 days and no MSM showed any sort of indignation in its headline. Nevertheless, they keep blathering of Anti-Terrorism Operation, but there’s no anti-terrorism operation underway, for the simple reason that there are no terrorists here. As well as there’s no Russian invasion, and no Russian missile hit MH-17 Malaysian Boeing. As well as in 2003 no WMDs were hidden in Iraq.
I’m not Charlie because I’m no tool, no useful idiot in the bloodstained hands of Western imperialism. That needs the masses’ indignation to rise against a common foe to justify its wars in the interests of a privileged elite. I’m not Charlie because I know the only terrorists are those trained by the CIA, armed by NATO, and in the total indifference of the EU. And it’s the same about the neo-Nazis committing atrocities in Ukraine.
Fourteen years ago, the MSM showed the WTC hit by two planes and collapse, and three weeks after the world was at war. No way I’m Charlie because back then, a president who was not a Texan, let alone a cowboy, but posed as a John Wayne, by macho talking brought together a coalition to invade Afghanistan, hunting for a Saudi man whose family had a business relationship with his family. Two years later, the war in Iraq scored 2,6 million civilian dead for no reason at all but the oil reserves Halliburton craved for. And for the MSM we were not all Iraqis.
The Bush era ended, and Obama was elected. A big mouth president talking of change, but no change followed. The usual disgusting glut of lies was heard, and new wars were waged. The MSM promptly parroted and supported NATO invasion of Libya. The then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exulted for Gaddafi’s murder. Today Libya is a country in chaos, ravaged by 1,700 rival militia groups, and hosting training camps for terrorists, and all those satisfied-looking politicians, who were much concerned with Libyan people’s welfare, no longer have anything to say. Neither the MSM do.
Instead, the MSM stated that the Arab Spring uprisings proved that each of those countries was attempting a pro-democracy revolution, but despite four leaders deposed and hundreds of thousand dead, none of those countries has achieved a real change so far, yet no MSM has condemned the U.S. and EU foreign entanglements.
Then, I’m Assange, I’m Edward Snowden, but I’m not Charlie. Cause I no more believe no official version. No Sandy Hook’s, no Boston Marathon’s, nor any of the others—as it was not Oswald shooting Kennedy.
Today all MSM together want all of us to be Charlie, and that’s a hell of a reason for not being Charlie. Fomenting indignation is part of a strategy to have the European and North American citizens believe they are those living in the free world, the free people! Free to be puppets protesting when they’re supposed to, for somebody’s alleged rights, while those very politicians rallying with indignation in Paris are stealing theirs and their children’s future, and destroy the achievements of the fathers.
The European Commission has just approved another additional aid to the new democratic pro-American Ukraine of about €1.8 billion. While all of the southern countries from Greece to Portugal are in dire straits, the EU chooses to give its taxpayers’ money to a government of oligarchs that starves the people, promotes neo-Nazism, carries on a genocide, and will never pay back its debt.
The French economy has been adversely affected by the anti-Russian sanctions, which the U.S. imposed NATO members to such an extent that the French president recently stated they should end. On late December, France disappointed Israel by voting in favor to Palestinian Statehood Resolution at the UN Security Council. Indeed, way too much independence for the cradle of Illuminism—currently proving itself unreliable, bordering on the ridiculous, in relation to the Mistral helicopter carrier issue.
This Paris, 1/07 stinks much of New York, 9/11 and there’s no way at all I’m gonna swallow this new one now, folks!
So, I’m NOT Charlie. Fuck you, Charlie!

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


7 thoughts on “Hell, No, I’m Not Charlie—I’m No MSM Useful Idiot!

  1. 12 guys were at troika yesterday, attacked by 10 ukrop tanks and bmps plus 100 infantry. 3 of our guys killed, the rest wounded. Phil concussion from tank round but OK. We had NO anti-tank weapons. I wish I had been there, but glad I wasn’t. Looks like we’re going to Yasinovataya from here. Will let you know more when I can. Thanks for everything, Bro. Bonner

    Posted by Russell Bentley | Sunday, January 18, 2015, 12:19 PM
  2. Thank you very much for putting into words with proper reasoning and good facts what I suppose, and hope, many free persons feel. I had this very strange and weird feeling about all this Charlie thing but wouldn’t have been able to put this feeling into structured thoughts as you have.

    Posted by Luca | Monday, January 19, 2015, 3:35 PM
  3. Perfect.
    Thanks a lot for this article, the best i’ve read about this issue.

    Posted by voicelessrage | Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 1:11 AM


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