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The Gang of 7 Jerked Around in Bavaria

The Gang of 7 Jerked Around in Bavaria

Off-limits zone declared, wire fences raised, 20,000 officers embattled around a lavish den nestled in the Bavarian Alps: representatives of 7 deeply indebted countries, accounting for about 10% of global population, banded together at a 26-hour-long spree to shape the world by their values. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the chatfest cost some $220 million of public money, but Bavaria’s taxpayers union estimated a nearly $400 million.
The Gang members bragging to be the most advanced economies are the U.S. and the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, and Canada – yes, Canada, no misreading. According to GDP rates, Canada ranks 15th among the wealthiest nations. China ranks 1st, India 3rd, Russia 6th, and Brazil 7th, and none of them popped over in Bavaria. Are they supposed to submit to Canadian rule, maybe? Big-headed Canadian PM Stephen Harper likely believes so, since he couldn’t help but speculate which country belongs in the Gang and lambaste Putin, whose approval rate is so much high that poor Stevie can’t even dream about it.
Along with Harper, the other court jester to liven things up was Italian PM Matteo Renzi, welcomed at the opening by an Adriano Celentano’s old hit, rather than Italy’s National Anthem.
OK, let’s get serious. Obama played as the head honcho – any wonder? He urged his European minions to maintain sanctions against Russia even if they hurt their economies – hell yeah, he really said so. And the minions didn’t beg to differ. Neither Merkel, who previously had deemed essential cooperate with Russia on key international issues. Besides Germany, even Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, and Spain have suffered huge losses because of the U.S.-led sanctions and they’re not eager to prolong them – so what? Who’s the ultimate decision-maker in the EU?
Sanctions are based on accusations against Russia of backing the separatists in East Ukraine – whereas funding/training neo-Nazis in the rest of the country and terrorists in the Mideast is fair – and because of Crimea’s adhesion to the Russian Federation as a result of March 2014 referendum – clearly, people’s self-determination doesn’t matter to the Gang.
Of course, no serious journalist would be allowed up there in Bavaria, thus no real question was asked. Obama could freely bloviate about Putin’s intent to recreate the Soviet Empire – I couldn’t imagine so dumb a U.S. President to talk crap like that – and about Putin violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries. Well, if it’s a matter of international law, it’s about time the Gang takes acknowledge it exists. Whose occupying troops are still stationing in Iraq and Afghanistan, by the way? In 2011, Obama pledged the invasion of Libya, and the coalition included Canada, France, Italy, and the UK. The Gang approved every bombing campaign in the Mideast. During Obama’s two terms, the U.S. military undertook covert/non-covert operations in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Bahrain, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria, and Mali. The U.S. has replenished Israel with weaponry to be unleashed largely on Gaza civilians. The U.S. and the UK are selling arms and giving technical support to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition carrying out air strikes in Yemen, which have resulted in thousands of civilian casualties. Moreover, Obama administration maintains a $5 million annual budget for backing opposition activities against the Venezuelan government.
As well as NATO is conducting air/sea/ground drills all along Russia’s borders (in Sweden, Poland, the Baltic Sea, Ukraine, and the Caucasus), the Bavarian summit was centered on putting pressure on Russia.
Other topics on schedule were swept aside rapidly. Enough few bland statements for the press and a vapid final declaration itemizing what they are determined to, what they remain committed to, what they urge to, what they promote, what they support and commend to, what they strongly condemn, what they are deeply concerned by, what they are extremely preoccupied about, what they are deeply saddened by – it’s a boondoggle in Bavaria!
Being Russia the main ally of Syria, any talk over Syria without Russia’s participation is downright a time wasting. However, some drivel about Assad stepping down and giving way to a transitional government was thrown before the journalists by officials close to the Gang. Another yarn was spun about President Assad to be forced to exile as part of a deal between Russia and the West. At long last Merkel plucked up courage and admitted that it was “very desirable” for the Gang to work “in tandem” with Russia to find a solution.
Hollande the pussy didn’t speak much, and if he’d spoken less, he would have done himself a favor. First, he claimed that there was no reason to lift the sanctions against Russia – just in case, should Merkel lay out an hand they’d rush to Moscow once the summit is over. After that, he blathered about “ambitious and realistic commitments” in the fight against global warming. Well, the Gang backed reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% to 70% by 2050, but they stopped short of agreeing on any immediate binding target for their economies and didn’t even commit any money to a fund set up to help developing countries tackle climate change. Eventually, they passed the buck to the Paris Climate Change Conference next December.
The Gangsters united in declaring that both Greece and Ukraine are to continue the suicidal policies hitherto imposed by EU ruling plutocracy, aka the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund).
To Greece, this means further tax increase, further cuts in wages, pensions, and social security budget. EU Commission President J.C. Juncker excluded Greece’s exit from the Eurozone because he does not want it, because he cannot foresee the consequences – that’s it! Then, he accused Greek PM A. Tsipras of undermining negotiations over new terms for a bailout. That’s likely to mean any Athen’s proposal will be termed as irrelevant, and no part of the debt will be wrought off. Junker complained that the week before, Tsipras was to submit an alternative proposal, but he hadn’t done yet. The fact is that he held a phone call with Putin on the making of a pipeline on Greek soil to deliver Russian gas to Europe. Thereby, all the rest was put on hold. Of course, the master-puppeteers in Washington will find a way to screw up the project since they detest whatever connects Russia with Europe.
As for Ukraine, EU Council President Donald Tusk stated that the Gang will keep supporting Kiev in any conceivable way against the Russian-speaking autonomists. That support scored about 6,000 dead so far, chiefly civilians. So what? Those dead don’t matter, and the Gang’s final declaration doesn’t even mention them. Instead, it reiterates the non-recognition of the new status of Crimea – of course, NATO craves the Russian naval bases on the peninsula – and urges the Ukrainian leadership to continue the necessary transformation in line with IMF and EU commitments.
UK PM David Cameron said, “Sanctions must remain in place until Minsk agreements are fully implemented. This will require action from both Ukraine and Russia.” A serious journalist would have pointed out that Kiev hasn’t made one single step to implement the Minsk agreement so far, and yet no sanction was imposed it. Actually, a serious journalist would have had no shortage of real questions here. For example, why is an EU member (Greece) to undergo another bloodletting while a non-EU member (Ukraine) is given EU taxpayers’ money?
At the summit’s opening, Tusk termed the Gang of 7 a community of values and said it was because of that that Russia was excluded. Once in a while a wacko from Poland leaps off in politics spouting russophobia and a slew of obscenities – observers who really know their stuff got used to it.
Western values’ claptrap has gone stale and stinks. Values have been bandied about by the U.S. and EU representatives at every opportunity. The MSM incessantly feed their gullible audience with values, but what values do they refer? Who did determine such values in spite of others? Were the citizens asked about it?
As the Eurozone continues to restructure in a way that favors banks over people and plutocracy over democracy, and EU domestic economies slide into recession – all of this in the wake of the U.S. – I can hardly conceive the citizens to feel a responsibility to overthrow a duly elected government in Ukraine, boot Syrian President out of office, fund “moderate” rebels in the Mideast, endorse Israeli raids on Gaza, to name a few. I just can’t see a connection between any alleged Western core value and West policies’ outcome. I expect the people in the West to ask for jobs and economic policies to benefit the majority of the population, not the elites.
The Gang of 7 has long been a target of demonstrations for global justice since they’ve always promised a shitload of lovely things and then accomplished nothing. The week ahead of the summit, thousands of anti-globalisation activists, environmentalists, trade unions, and opposition parties, marched in Munich and attended rallies. During the summit days, demonstrators had to stay on the officially approved camping places about 20 miles away from the resort – splendid isolation fits democratic decision-makers! The slogans read, “Destroy the power of banks and corporations”, “Fight G7. Fight Capitalism, Racism and War”, “Hellmau, block G7”, “Stop TTIP. Save the Climate. Fight Poverty”. They complained that the Gang has repeatedly failed to take decisive action on pressing topics facing people around the world. That’s no wonder at all! The 7 master-blusters lay claim to shape the world by their values, not the citizens’ – values that get along well with the enforcement of elitist interests. Sounds reasonable? Sounds achievable?
Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Gang a hobby group and wished them success. He sounded pleased for having missed out on the circus. For sure he has no time for antics since Russia will host the overlapped meetings of BRICS and SCO countries in a month. Last November, at the G20 in Australia he met only with the other four BRICS leaders and Merkel, then flew back to Moscow to real work.
BRICS members comprise 42% of global population and produce 27% of the world’s GDP. Most of them are performing higher growth rates than the Gangsters. Allegedly it’s not far the time when their aggregate GDP will surpass the Gang’s GDP. Together with SCO countries they account for a full third of the world’s land area and roughly half of the population, and they produce $16 trillion in GDP.
World’s economic center of gravity has shifted to Asia and Western powers are in a fume. Yet the Gang assumes debate global issues without Russia’s and China’s participation could accomplish anything?
Big Uncle Xi had a good laugh in Beijing and deemed the Bavarian talking shop irrelevant. Back in November 2014, over 600,000 citizens assembled in Tiananmen Square to watch the U.S. debt clock mounted above the Forbidden City hit the landmark sum of $18 trillion – U.S. sovereign debt got larger than its GDP. Hugs, cheers, and singing followed.
Chinese companies are working at full speed to build trade infrastructures and transport networks. Where? In Asia and Africa, right? Actually, they’re building an entire export-oriented city to be the largest industrial park in Europe! Exactly on the route linking Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk, and Moscow, in the forests of Belarus, which is a member of the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union.
There’s a huge market on EU Eastern front, which offers outstanding opportunities for economic growth and business, and the Europeans in the Gang spent their time in Bavaria to further ratchet up tension against Russia, not caring about the rise of the unemployment rate and economic slowdown in the EU. That said, the one and only point to me is: who are the so-called EU leaders working for? whose interests are of paramount importance in their agenda?
Back in the day, Gorbachev himself planned to merge Post-Soviet Russia and Europe into a sole political entity – conversely, he saw NATO expanding to former Soviet countries – but it was in the early 2000s, when in France and Germany were in office respectively Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schroeder, that the concept of a Greater Europe, stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, aimed at serious interaction. It would result in a unified market worth trillions of Euro and an alliance capable of counteracting the Anglo-American axis’s politics – France, Germany, and Russia had already held a common front at the UN against the invasion of Iraq, actively supported by Bush and Blair.
After Chirac’s and Schroeder’s retirement from the political scene, it was only Putin left to envision that project. Later, the agreements for NATO missile installations buildup on European soil, aimed at the Russian strategic nuclear deterrent, and the Ukrainian crisis, stoked up by the U.S. to destabilize the region and drag Russia into a conflict, put a definitive end to it. The economic cooperation between Ukraine and Russia was something the U.S. was determined to sabotage at any cost for it was a first step to spoil the EU-Russia relations.
On 3 October 2014, U.S. VP Joe Biden held a speech at Harvard University. Probably thanks to the lengthy speech, for once he managed to say one truth amid a whole lot of disgusting lies. He stated, “Throughout we’ve given Putin a simple choice: respect Ukraine’s sovereignty or face increasing consequences. That has allowed us to rally the world’s major developed countries to impose real cost on Russia. It is true they did not want to do that. But again, it was America’s leadership and the President of the U.S. insisting, oft times almost having to embarrass Europe to stand up and take economic hits to impose costs.”
Just like the British Empire in the past, the U.S. fears a unification of European landmass as a result of an alliance with Russia – and they’ve both succeeded in preventing it. Greater Europe would have had its own strategy, and exert a wide influence on global politics. Instead, the EU fake leaders have endorsed the continuity of U.S. hegemony. They are to extend sanctions against Russia despite the growing economic fallout in countries whose interest they should care about. On the contrary, the U.S. has pierced tiny loopholes in those very sanctions on matters affecting its interests. Since the sanctions war has begun, U.S. export to Russia has increased. Allegedly the next step would be take up EU market shares previously covered by Russian companies. That’s what the sanctions war is all about: oust competitors out a market.
In respect of commerce and investment, Obama brought up at the summit the large-scale trade agreements between the U.S. and EU that are being negotiated in secrecy (TTIP, TPP, and TiSA) – dear to all major business/finance lobbyists. Few officials and corporation representatives are aware of the content. These agreements have been the target of multiple demonstrations in recent months. WikiLeaks revealed they seek to weaken trade regulations among countries and cede more power and leeway to multinational corporations – a plot for which there would be little popular support.
Secrecy has been maintained in Bavaria. No word at all on the content, no question was asked by the press. The Gang’s final declaration doesn’t go further than ensuring that any effort to finalize negotiations is being done, and that they look forward to its timely entry into force. Indeed, they’re to get the work done hotfoot.
The Gang feels the responsibility of shaping the world but not the responsibility to inform how their deeds are going to affect people’s lives – c’mon, that’s no commoners’ business! The Bavarian summit was nothing but an excellent photo-op for puppet-leaders, whose strings get pulled by a banking elite that hugely profits from war, crisis, scourge, and chaos. Hence, the posturing and bombast are to be sported to the public so as to keep it cradled in the reassuring belief of being in safe hands.

* Published by The Voice of Idaho on 16th of June 2015

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


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