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The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

OK, let me get this straight: on the evening of Friday 13th November 2015, a squad consisting of shooters and suicide bombers suddenly spilled over Paris without getting noticed, and after circumventing any security control, they carried out a highly coordinated operation in 7 separate venues, whose death toll has resulted so far in 130 killed and about 360 injured.
It’s Paris, 11/13.
About midnight, President François Hollande declared a state of emergency throughout French territory, announced the close of the borders, and ordered the mobilization of extra servicemen.
On Saturday morning, on his way out of a specially convened session of France’s Defense Council, he stated, “This is an act of war committed by a terrorist army, Daesh, against France, against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: a free country that means something to the whole planet.”
He linked the attacks to ISIS – Daesh is a loose Arabic acronym for ISIS – but provided no evidence establishing responsibility.
Later, ISIS claimed credit for the attacks through a communiqué in French, Arabic, and English on the Islamic State’s account on Telegram, a messaging platform. In such delirious statement, which seems out of a Hollywood action blockbuster, they called Paris the capital of prostitution and vice and referred to Holland as the fool of France – fair enough, I’d say – then declared that France was targeted because of its air strikes in Syria. But heck, this makes no sense at all! It’s Russia fighting ISIS in Syria, not France.
France gets along very well with ISIS. Over the course of the last four years, the DGSE (France’s external intelligence agency) has worked with terrorist factions in Syria – along with CIA, MI6, and Mossad. In 2012, France delivered canons, machine guns, rocket launchers, and anti-tank missiles to the rebels fighting Assad, despite a European embargo on weapons was in place since June 2011 – then lifted in May 2013. In December 2012, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius declared at a conference in Marrakesh that the al-Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, ‘is doing a good job’ – maybe, he was referring to the purges of Christians. In August 2013, the French government took part in the planned but non-perpetrated air strikes following the fake accusation of Assad using chemical weapons against civilians. Lest we forget, France has an extremely high contribution of foreign fighters to ISIS.
According to French Intelligence, the attacks in Paris were planned and organized abroad, with some assistance inside France – but they’ve failed to see anything in advance. Intelligence agencies of France, Germany, the UK, and the U.S. are fully operative on European soil. How could they miss such a major assault?
Hollande didn’t say anything like “We’ve got a lame-ass Security Service that once stated they are monitoring at least 200 returnees – French jihadists back from the war in Syria and Iraq – then lost track of eight of them that blew the hell up in Paris.” And now he could invoke the principle of collective defense enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that an attack from outside on one member of the alliance is an attack on all allies.
If the North Atlantic Council (NATO’s principal decision-making body) agrees with Hollande’s request, a joint military response would be allowed. Where would they respond? In Syria, of course, where Russia has conducted a successful military operation for six months upon invitation by President Assad. The fact is that President Putin has repeatedly stated that no country, including Russia, has the right to hold any talks on Assad’s resignation.
Article 5 was applied just once in NATO’s history: after the attack of September 11, 2001 – quite a precedent! Fourteen years of fake ‘war on terror’ followed and today the world is far less secure than it was before. Why fake? Because at that time they waged war against al-Qaeda, and nowadays the U.S. forces fight hand in hand with al-Qaeda militants against the Syrian government. “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” said President Bush on September 20, 2001 – good point!
Paris, 11/13 is ‘Act of war’! It’s Terrorism! Why isn’t it Revolution, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, I wonder? I expect the U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry to stand up and say, “Hollande has to go, in order to allow a peace agreement to be negotiated with the rebels.”
Were those buddies in Paris not moderate enough? All in all, France got anything but a brief taste of what has gripped Syria for five years. Hollande stated the attacks were orchestrated from abroad. Syrian carnages perpetrated by ISIS took place thanks to the combined resources of the U.S., the UK, France, Germany, and also Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, the UAE, and last but not least Israel. Incidentally, they served the West’s agenda, whereas Paris, 11/13…
On October 2, the French media gave the news that the Intelligence Services feared ‘a French Style 9/11 impossible to thwart’.
On October 27, CIA Director John Brennan received DGSE Director Bernard Bajolet in Washington for an urgent meeting pertaining threats to national security emanating from ISIS. That same day, in a conference at G. Washington University, Bajolet pointed to the inside threat of radicalized French returnees, and to a threat from outside, meaning operations orchestrated abroad.
On November 5, the Council of Ministers confirmed that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier was slated to leave Toulon and join the U.S.-led coalition in the Mideast to fight against ISIS on November 18. This means that France, before the Paris attacks, already had a role in a strategy of military escalation directed against Syria, not against ISIS, which is a result of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq and has served as a formidable weapon to destabilize Syria.
There is no UN mandate for this intervention and no invitation by the Syrian government. That means France participates in another illegal war, a full-fledged invasion of a sovereign country, as it did in Libya in 2011. Consequently, the sole and only ‘Act of War’ is perpetrated by France.
As we know, illegal wars require to foist a justification on the public. They require also acting hotfoot. Just like few hours after 9/11 the Bush administration named Osama bin Laden as the perpetrator, prior to whatsoever investigation, and started the invasion of Afghanistan, after Paris, 11/13 Hollande immediately accused ISIS and declared a state of war – in both cases the MSM wrote sensationalist headlines and shunned queries.
Hollande’s France is but a satellite of the U.S., taking orders from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in exchange for contracts in the sectors of energy and weapons – seriously, would anyone believe that France has a French foreign policy?
In 2014, France scored its best arms export performance of the last 15 years, thus gaining the fourth place as a global arms exporter. The positive figures have continued in 2015. In February, Egypt bought 24 Rafale fighter jets and a multi-mission frigate, and in September the two Mistral warships originally built for Russia. In May, a contract was signed to provide 24 others Rafale fighter jets to Qatar. Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia, which is France’s top client, subscribe to the ultra-conservative Wahhabi sect of Islam, which rejects Muslim integration in the West and actively encourages jihad, and they are major sponsors of terrorist groups involved in the Syrian war. Definitely, the Mideast is France’s major market and the Syrian crisis a profitable business.
There’s another issue to take into account. Qatar is buying Europe’s assets one piece at a time through major investments in a variety of sectors: power plants, banking, mining, road and railways projects, real estate holdings, car industry, food, media, fashion and luxury goods, furniture and design, tourism and leisure. Qatar is also the largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) exporter in the world. As a result of the spoiling of EU-Russia relations, it could become a key energy supplier to Europe.
France has been one of the prime targets of Qatari investment. During the Sarkozy administration, Qatar obtained a ‘preferential investor treatment’, which exempts Qatar state-owned entities from capital gains taxes on property in France. It has also made massive investments in the suburban slums, aka banlieues, with a high proportion of Muslims, through an investment fund in support of small businesses owned by Muslims. That means a foreign country was allowed to choose its investments on a religion basis on French territory. Moreover, within these suburbs Islamist preachers are leveraging the social marginalization of immigrants to create separate Islamic societies ruled by Sharia law.
Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani has long proposed himself as a pro-Western reformist, but vowed to ‘spare no effort’ to spread the fundamentalist teachings of Wahhabi Islam across ‘the whole world’. He is financing the construction of many mega mosques on European soil, which will serve to further spread his extremist ideology and radicalize Muslims in Europe.
The cooperation between France and the petrol dictatorships of the Persian Gulf has started at least since 2011, with the destabilization and invasion of Libya, which was part of the Made-in-the-U.S. project called the ‘Arab Springs’. The jihadists currently ruling Libya, and whose first action was to apply Sharia law, were financed and armed by Qatar. French and Italian forces had a role in the massacres in Benghazi and the size of the arsenals, whose weapons and ammunition later ended up in the hands of ISIS militants in Syria, carried across the border on trucks belonging to Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) – it’s ‘humanitarian aid’ the Turkish way!
On 11th November 2015, two days prior to Paris attacks, French PM Manuel Valls declared that France was engaged against terrorism. Following a secret deal signed with Turkey in 2011, France had started bombing ISIS in Syria just one month earlier – after having supplied it with weapons for a year. The aim was to conquer part of the ISIS territory and install a colonial state straddling the border between Iraq and Syria. Turkey had agreed that the new state would be led by its Kurdish minority and that it could expel the PKK. In September 2013, the U.S. revealed its new map of the region. It comprised the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Daesh and a new ‘Kurdistan’ on Syrian soil.
A long row of massive foreign entanglements and prior to Russia’s intervention the U.S.-led coalition had fought so well that ISIS managed to expand non-stop, but for the West the sole and only peace solution was ‘Assad must go’. Backed by Russian airstrikes, the Syrian pro-government forces have carried out large-scale military operations across Syria. Terrorist factions, moderate or otherwise, were forced to retreat and suffered heavy losses.
Syrian uprisings increased after the signing of a memorandum on June 25, 2011, regarding the construction of an Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline, which would have been highly profitable for Syria and Iran – after the nuclear deal reached on July 14, 2015, and the consequent lifting of UN sanctions, Iran is on its way to re-emerge as a major competitor on energy markets. It would have been profitable to Europe as well, but the West’s gas-supplying allies in the Persian Gulf didn’t like it. The U.S. has backed a plan to create a pipeline through Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, post-Assad Syria, and Turkey to deliver Qatari gas to Europe. But Damascus won’t fall and the plan for the removal of Assad and the install of a Saudi-backed proxy regime to later target Iran has failed.
Thereby, war has moved to Europe and it’s Paris, 11/13.
The widely promoted war on terror is a war waged against countries that struggle to rein in the predatory financial elites that rule the West since long. Puppet-leaders of the U.S. and EU don’t miss a chance to point out the ‘global terrorist threat’, which requires a ‘global war’ to reinstate a ‘global security’. Rather than questioning their inconsistent rant, the MSM engages in boosting fear among citizens and make them believe it’s necessary to tighten control on themselves. Hollande has promised a ‘merciless response’ and France is in a state of war. The aftermath of Paris, 11/13 is police state – aka freedom the American way.
Authorities will exploit Paris, 11/13 to ramrod through unpopular security bills as they did with the Charlie Hebdo circus. In January 2015, a bamboozled mob rallied along the boulevards de Paris in defense of free speech, and then the French parliament overwhelmingly approved sweeping stricter surveillance laws and highly intrusive surveillance methods, which put people under general surveillance in total disregard of individual freedom and privacy.
The bill allowed intelligence agencies to compel phone companies to give up data upon request, tap phones and emails without prior authorization from a judge, place cameras and microphones in private homes, install keylogger devices to track every keystroke on a targeted computer, vacuum up metadata to analyze a suspect behavior. Internet providers were required to flag up a succession of suspect behavioral patterns online, such as sites visited and contacts made – indeed, the road to freedom is paved with suspect.
Such a gigantic state-of-the-art apparatus exerts extreme surveillance on civilians but fails to detect a handful of jihadists handling guns, Kalashnikov and explosives in Paris downtown? Then, what lies ahead? Since it didn’t work, let’s have more of that kind! It’s French Patriot Act!
Hollande’s cabinet has hastily adopted a package of security measures similar to those enacted by the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9/11. It allows search in buildings and private residences, as well as preemptive arrest with no probable cause of anybody termed by authorities as suspect or dangerous – certainly, there’s no risk for the sheeple.
Nobody’s questioning, and domino effect ensues.
European capitals have reinforced security checks at once. On Saturday 14th November, all European governments held emergency cabinet meetings. David Cameron stated the UK plans to review its terror threat level. Swiss Police has stepped up security at the French border. Belgian authorities boosted checks at the French border and called for greater vigilance at major events over the weekend. Italian PM Matteo Renzi announced reinforced security across the country. Poland increased checks on flights linking potentially-at-risk destinations. Finland increased the readiness of its police and tightened border controls. Moreover, Finnish PM Juha Sipila said that border controls between Schengen members could be reinstated. Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee stated the country’s security services have been put on high alert.
Before leaving for Turkey to attend the G20 summit, U.S. President Obama convened the National Security Council meeting.
Of course, the U.S. will capitalize on the tragedy to pursue its agenda for the Mideast, and its vassals, aka allies, will be requested to adhere to the inevitable phony reaction of the righteous. Paris, 11/13 provides Obama a pretext for expanding the war in Syria without being forced into an awkward coalition with Putin – whereas alliance with the Saudis is cool indeed! They will use it to undermine Russia’s intervention in order to bolster their positions and continue on the track towards a regime change in Syria, which remains their ultimate objective.
The attacks occurred against the backdrop of some closely related developments: the increased international commitment against ISIS, talks in Vienna to attempt a political settlement to the Syrian crisis, the Russian military buildup in the Mideast, a massive influx of illegal migrants to Europe and the following talks on whether to close the borders.
First, hundreds of thousands of unchecked migrants were allowed to cross into Europe and shortly later such an atrocity is perpetrated in a major capital city – what a coincidence! What sort of backlash might result? Civil war between natives and migrants on European soil? Chaos and anarchy to be ended by a major NATO operation?
Moreover, the attacks occurred on the eve of the G20 summit in Turkey, where ISIS, refugee crisis, and the war in Iraq and Syria, were on top of the agenda. It’s a mere coincidence, right? Just a trifling detail, along with the fact that Turkey is a NATO member and Erdogan a major sponsor of ISIS, eager to drag NATO into a war for its neo-Ottoman ambitions, which include carve out the 82nd Turkish province on Syrian soil and wipe out the autonomous Syrian Kurdistan.
130 dead, give or take.
Ban Ki-moon condemned the despicable attacks and declared he stands with the Government and people of France, Obama called it an attack on all of humanity and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice, Biden offered his deepest condolences, Kerry was ready to provide whatever support, Cameron was shocked, Merkel was deeply shaken, but none of them had such reactions at the hundreds of thousands of dead in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, where they participated and provided whatever assistance for the killing.
They haven’t termed as vile or outrageous the suicide bombing perpetrated by ISIS in the suburbs of Beirut. It left 44 civilians dead and 200 wounded, but Western MSM didn’t go much further than to stress the location was a Hezbollah stronghold – so that’s just fine. By the way, it was Thursday 12, a day prior to Paris attacks. The morning that same day, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the funeral of a pro-government Shiite Muslim fighter in Baghdad. 26 people were killed and 41 wounded.
On Saturday 14, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed his condolences for those killed in Paris. On Sunday, following his meeting with Erdogan ahead of the G-20 Summit, Obama called the attacks in Paris an attack on the civilized world but made no mention of the other dead. Perhaps, Iraqis and Lebanese, as well as Syrians, Palestinians, and Yemenites, are less a representation of humanity than the Europeans?
With a stockpile of Western arms, the Saudi siege of Yemen has hit nearly 100 healthcare facilities since March – would you imagine 100 French hospitals struck by artillery? On September 28, the bombing of a wedding resulted in the killing of 131 civilians. All these carnages drew no social media statement from Obama. And of course, they didn’t go viral in the net.
I have a feeling even Russia would not be civilized enough to get such mentions. I seem to remember no grand words from Obama about the Russian aircraft downed in Egypt, while Charlie Hebdo, the French periodical for a retarded public, mocked the 220 victims.
Far from criticizing Obama over his selective expression of outrage – if time in Donbass proved me any one thing, it’s the dead are not all alike in the West – I believe the U.S. electorate should ask itself, who is this man working for and what have average people gained by his politics?
The Vieux Continent has its enemy within and it’s not the migrants, nor the fake refugees, nor the deranged fundamentalists spouting obscenities about Sharia law for Europe. After Paris, 11/13, Ireland’s poet President Michael D. Higgins, who has never balked at tackling thorny issues, said, “The present institutional structure of the EU can be seen as reflecting the distribution of political power in recent decades. Decades that have seen the emergence of a new financialised global order, where unaccountable agencies and forces removed from democratic oversight or control are in the ascendancy.”
In the next days, more information will come out to fill the narrative that better fits the West’s agenda: puzzling revelations, alleged evidence, manhunt, arrests, killings – mostly killings since in these cases police seem unable to capture people alive. The MSM will work like hell to discredit any kind of critical questioning and shut down dissent. In January, Hollande himself harshly opposed the detractors of the official version of Charlie Hebdo attack. I didn’t buy into that sham back then, let alone this one.
Once again, authorities and MSM call on us to be Paris, to be Parisians – as they please. In January 2015, everybody was supposed to be Charlie. The twelve cartoonists were mourned all over the West, but the Baga massacre in Nigeria, which occurred that same week, got short shrift indeed – no Je suis Baga hanging around. As I was not Charlie then, though I haven’t anything but fine recollections of my French days, there’s no way I can be Paris today. Thereby, I’m Beirut, I’m Baghdad. I’m all the others – those they didn’t mention. And I’m looking forward to the next Charlie Hebdo’s cover making fun of Parisians torn to pieces on Friday 13 – ain’t it funny, Charlie?

* Published by The Voice of Idaho on 24th of November 2015

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


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