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Matter of Comedians

Matter of Comedians2The European Terror Tour keeps going and after Paris, 13/11 is time for Brussels, 22/3! On the morning of March 22, two Belgian brothers, Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui, and the Moroccan Najim Laachraoui, sought by authorities in connection with the Paris attacks, perpetrate three coordinated bombings in Brussels: two at the Airport and one at Maalbeek metro station. Mainstream media bawl and strive in any possible way to foist on their bamboozled audience the umpteenth unacceptable tragedy: 35 dead plus roughly 200 injured. BELGIUM UNDER ATTACK! JIHADIST VIOLENCE! THE HORROR. ATTACK ON THE HEART OF EUROPE. THE DAY EVERYONE FEARED. It’s the media cacophony!
Terror-linked media organization Amaq News Agency issues a statement by the terrorists claiming credit for the attacks: “Islamic fighters carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices on Tuesday, targeting an airport and a metro station in the center of the Belgian capital Brussels, a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State.”
Promptly everybody jumps on the bandwagon rolling. Tears, candles, flowers, flags, balloons, wreaths, lights, scarves, murals, hashtags, tributes, praying, peace signs, minutes of silence, and much more.
Anything wrong with that? Supposedly, not. If it weren’t for the fact that from Paris, 13/11 through Brussels, 22/3 it wasn’t absolutely quiet on the terrorist front. At least 300 attacks occurred in at least 35 countries, with at least 2,900 dead and way more injured. Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Libya were hit. Afghanistan, Somalia, Cameroon, and Turkey were hit two times. Eight attacks in Nigeria scored over 300 victims overall. Far more in the eight attacks in Syria – but there’s a civil war over there and Assad must go, right? Three attacks occurred in Pakistan and a fourth one killed 69 Christians celebrating Easter, mainly women and children, just five days after Brussels. Political authorities’ reaction was pretty weak and uninterested. Media coverage was limited, hashtags of sympathy lacked. Iraq was hit five times. On February 8, a single attack left 300 dead on the ground in Mosul. Any #JeSuisMosul hanging around by chance?
No tears.
No outrage.
No solidarity.
No official statements.
No flags on facebook profiles.
No monuments and buildings lit up.
Damn yeah! The dead are not all alike. Some of them just don’t make headlines. Western media outlets bust their ass to highlight Western victims while ignoring the victims of Western loathsome foreign policy, and regularly parrot the useless statements of the useless Western representatives. It’s a part of the show and the comedians get on stage.
She didn’t shed a tear for Syria. She didn’t shed a tear for Donbass. The oafish gal somehow filling the role of High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, can’t hold back tears in front of the cameras. “Today is a difficult day,” she says.
Bang on! No difficult day in Syria. No difficult day in Iraq. No difficult day at all in Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen… Nothing but lovely days over there!
In the aftermath of Brussels attacks, Mogherini’s smart proposal is more support to Syrian opposition! That’s to say the moderate terrorists dear to Obama who get along well with ISIS and fight against the Syrian Army. Thereby, the EU supports those very Good Guys it accuses of being the perpetrators of Brussels attacks. It’s the European Jihad Union!
Antonio Tajani, another Italian comedian for some reason the European Parliament Vice-President, states, “We are here at the European Parliament to defend democracy and freedom against terrorism.”
Lack of tears makes of his performance anything but ordinary routine – the old school’s platitudes and commonplaces. Indeed, democracy is the most valuable and functional pretext to Western plundering of other countries. Since 2001, such an amazing shitload of democracy was dropped on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.
Belgian PM Charles Michel at a press conference calls on everyone to show calmness and solidarity. Calmness and solidarity? Is this a reaction to be expected from the leader of a country that underwent a terror attack? “What we feared has happened,” he says. And that’s it. The rest are words of circumstance and set phrases.
According to European Commission President Juncker, the EU must learn “to discover the positive aspects of the solidarity approach in difficult moments” and “react calmly and carefully”. Calmness and solidarity are the paramount issues for him as well.
Instead, “compassion and solidarity” are addressed by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who declares to be “horrified by the despicable and cowardly attacks which took place in Brussels”. Had they occurred in Syria, whose bombing he utterly approves, he would have none of it and eaten his breakfast without bad thoughts.
Empty words, words of losers. Fake leaders pretending to be at war whereas they aren’t but bureaucrats whose strings are pulled by a bankers elite.
Merkel expresses pride in European values. “Our strength is in our unity, and that is how our free societies will prove themselves stronger than terrorism,” she says. True! Merkel’s handling of the migrant crisis is all about European values. Unity? Schengen is on the verge of collapse as a consequence of her very policies. Terrorism? Native European citizens become jihadists and displace to Syria to fight a war supported by the EU. Mainstream media call them “freedom fighters”. Once they come back to Europe and do the very same thing they did in Syria, they get branded “terrorists”.
British PM David Cameron writes on Twitter he is “shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels”. Definitely, it doesn’t make his referendum task any easier. Brexit is on the way!
After repeating the hackneyed mantra ‘The whole of Europe has been hit’, Hollande states, “France will implacably continue the fight against terrorism both on the international level and at home.”
Sure. Lest we forget, on March 4, he awarded France’s highest honor the Legion d’Honneur to Saudi Prince Mohammed ben Nayef. The prince’s visit to Paris took place on the same day when Hollande held talks with Merkel on the refugee crisis. The latter meeting was widely covered by the Elysee social media team, whereas no statement was issued on the prince’s visit. An aide to the president termed it ‘a common protocol practice’. In fact, Hollande had previously received Saudi Arabia’s top honor. Legion d’Honneur up for sale!
Saudi Arabia and France get along well. Oil and arms deals are on the upswing (U.S., Canada, and the UK participate in the business), together with the construction financing of Wahhabi mosques and Koranic schools on European soil. In the past few decades, the Saudi regime has spent an estimated $100 billion exporting its extremist interpretation of Islam worldwide.
But Saudi Arabia is one of the Good Guys cherished in the West. In fact, on March 15, the Saudi-Arabian airstrikes that slaughtered over 100 civilians, including 25 children, in a crowded marketplace in Yemen were carried out with Made-in-USA weapons. It was just the latest of dozens of strikes on markets, schools, hospitals, and residential neighborhoods that have killed hundreds of Yemeni civilians, but as long as MSM don’t deem them newsworthy, no #JeSuisYemen shows up.
Saudi Arabia is a close U.S. ally. Thus, some thousands of casualties in Yemen don’t matter. In 2015, the Saudi regime executed 158 people, largely by beheading. So what? Should we meddle into mass beheading of political dissidents, included teenagers, guilty of attending pro-democracy protests or criticizing the royal family? Who cares whether over there crucifixions are a standard practice and get ordered by the government itself?
Saudi Arabia is also the world’s leading sponsor of Islamic terrorism. U.S. government cables leaked by WikiLeaks admit “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to terrorist groups.”
Saudi Arabia is a theocratic absolute monarchy that governs based on an extreme interpretation of Sharia law, but Obama insists on removing the duly-elected Syrian president whereas the Saudi king must not go.
Speaking on his visit to Argentina, Obama says, “My top priority is to defeat ISIL and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that’s been taking place around the world.”
He assures his administration is using all the strategies it can to this end. Of course! As an example, in the past year, the Obama administration has inked arms deals with Saudi Arabia worth more than $20 billion.
A question springs to mind, Where did Washington shelling on Syria hit throughout over one year? Up to Russian intervention, ISIS had seized extended swaths of Syrian land. U.S. satellites missed the columns of tanker-trucks heading to and fro the Turkish border and ISIS-controlled territory. In fact, the smuggling of plundered Syrian oil went on undisturbed until Russian intervention.
We’re not being told all this on the media outlets, right? As we’re not being told about the liberation of Palmyra after two years of occupation. Syrian Armed Forces, the Iranians, and Hezbollah, with the support of Russian attack helicopters, wiped out ISIS jihadists (according to MSM, the perpetrators of Brussels attacks) but no congratulatory statement followed by Obama or any EU authority. Much worse, U.S. State Department clownish spokesman Mark Toner stated, “Trading Daesh for Assad is not a great choice for Syrians.” Yet we’re shown footage of Brussels Airport overlaid by the dramatizing commentator.
Let’s leave aside such major comedians awhile – there’s comedy across the board anyway. For me, the main question is, Why Belgium? Because sultan Erdogan, one of ISIS’s dearest friends, warned of a possible bombing in Brussels just days before it took place? He had just shaken hands right there with European puppets and put in his pocket an additional $3.3 billion allegedly for checking the flow of migrants across the Aegean Sea. Moreover, the EU is expected to grant Turkish citizens the right to travel to the Schengen Zone without visa by June 2016. Such breakthrough deal was also a further step to secure Turkey’s EU membership – the EU, in its desperation, will eventually turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of Erdogan’s regime. It’s the European Union capitulation!
True that following Paris, 13/11, Belgian police has rounded up dozens of suspects in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, since those attacks were planned there. Mainstream media claimed that both Charlie Hebdo attack and the foiled one on the Brussels-Amsterdam high-speed train were planned there as well. True that the week leading to Brussels, 22/3, Belgian authorities captured Europe’s most wanted terrorist Salah Abdeslam, the last known surviving participant and alleged mastermind of Paris attacks. True that Belgium was the first European country to ban face-covering veils in public places – by the way, is there any reason they should be allowed?
The fact is that far from being engaged against terrorism, Belgium has been a hotbed of radical Islam for more than a decade and boasts the largest number of Muslims per capita who have joined ISIS of any European country. Congrats to Europe’s jihad-recruiting prizewinner!
Radical Islam in Belgium has grown up since the 70s thanks to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf dictatorships, which funded conservative religious schools. Raising a generation of wannabe jihadists was no difficult task in such suburbs marked by high unemployment rate (Molenbeek’s was estimated being about 40%.)
In 2001, the now-defunct Antwerp-based organization Arab European League aimed at forming a “sharocracy” in which absurdly sharia and democracy were supposed to rule together across the West. Its adepts celebrated the attacks of 9/11 with laughter.
In 2006, Hind Fraihi, a Belgian journalist of Moroccan descent, interviewed a sheik engaged in finding recruits for a military training camp in the Ardennes to prepare them to fight in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Two months undercover in Molenbeek enabled her to find out way more. Books urging Muslims to take up arms against infidels were freely distributed by imams preaching jihad in local mosques. A Guide For Muslims encouraged to throw homosexuals from tall buildings. Other books stated that parliament had no authority and that only Allah’s law was sovereign. There were even some giving tips about communicate in symbols and by a secret code. The book Hind Fraihi got out of it weirdly failed to act as a wake-up call and little ensued in terms of policy changes.
In 2010, an organization kindly called Sharia4Belgium was founded. Along with promoting sharia law, it was responsible of brainwashing and recruiting young men and women to join al-Nusra and the like of it on the battleground in Syria.
In 2012, Belgium’s security service director Alain Winants warned that radical Muslims had built up a parallel community with its own values, banks, Justice system, and educational program.
This all happened in the “heart of Europe”, which cannot be anything but multicultural, tolerant, pacifist. Do you want to know to what extent? Citing airport security officials, Belgian media claim that at least 50 ISIS sympathizers currently work at the Brussels airport in shops, cleaning and luggage services. They also own a security badge that allows them into the cockpit of the airplanes. All in all, what’s wrong with that? Why discriminate? It’s everybody’s duty to protect diversity of views, isn’t it? Molenbeek Mayor is well aware of it. After Paris, 13/11, he called a journalist “Islamophobic” for reporting on the radical Islamic books being distributed in the district.
So, Why Belgium? It really looks like there’s no better place in Europe for up-and-coming jihadists. In 2013, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders hoped in the erection of a monument to Belgian jihadists and called them ‘heroes of the Syrian revolution’.
Let’s assume the Brussels bombers were bent on avenging the death of their fellow “freedom fighters”. The city is home to NATO and EU headquarters, the two organizations accountable for the bombing of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The airport is just a couple kilometer from NATO headquarters but the jihadists didn’t hit there. Within a 400 meters range from Maalbeek metro station they had a choice of targeting the U.S. embassy, the European Parliament, the European Council building, and a number of European Commission buildings. Despite all these enticing targets within reach, the jihadists chose to attack civilians, which likely included Muslims too. Does it sound reasonable?
Indeed, hardly anything sounds reasonable to me in this case. First and foremost, I don’t buy the suicide bomber version. Charlie Hebdo, Paris, 13/11, and Brussels, 22/3 attacks share a common feature: they were carefully planned military operations carried out by an effective task force able to evade security apparatus, personnel and intelligence networks. The profile of such an high-skilled professional differs much from that of a fanatic suicide bomber craving for 72 hot virgins in heaven.
Self-immolation is the last available act of war. When you’ve no resources, no other way to oppose a military occupation. We saw suicide bombers in action in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank. But ISIS gets funds and logistic, does business selling oil to Turkey, and was fully weaponized. The embargo on Syria was lifted in order to arm the moderate terrorists that later surprisingly ended up joining ISIS. These guys do not immolate themselves for the cause. Rather they slaughter and enslave, and chop off heads.
Even before ISIS’s claim of responsibility, Western leaders wasted no time in linking to other attacks by Islamic militants. Who else? After all, we’ve gone through 15 years of Islamic terrorism rolling narrative justifying a never-ending war on terror. Instead of engaging in serious journalistic investigations, the mainstream media keep parroting. Thus, who are they working for? Not for the benefit of the public, that’s sure.
Such narrative is far from being a serious thing. A number of facts have discredited it since 9/11 attacks, when three towers collapsed despite only two of them were hit by planes, and such a high temperature melted everything, included the planes’ engines, with the exception of one hijacker’s passport. After Charlie Hebdo attack a passport ticked off as well: discovered by investigators on the seat of the alleged get-away vehicle. Instead, a cell phone was found in a dustbin near the Bataclan Theater with a text message on it reading “let’s go” and a map of the venue. Now in a dustbin in Brussels the municipal cleaning service workers find a terrorist’s laptop with all the correspondence related to the attacks. Any adult working in the MSM, I wonder?
There should be some, I guess, since it’s no child’s game to edit an old video, turn it into black and white, remove the audio, change the date, and send it to the Internet and network TV to have it broadcast worldwide. One hour after the first bomb attack at the Brussels Airport, a camera surveillance video is made public and commented by journalists. Well, such video is a footage from January 2011 attack at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. A mistake, right? The fact is that even the video of the Maelbeek Metro station attack used by network TV (included CNN) and online media is a fake. It’s about the Minsk Metro bombing of 2011. Thereby, my question is, When will we see the real surveillance video recordings?
After such a huge display of incompetence is it possible to consider the still images used to identify the suspects genuine? There is no substantiating evidence to confirm the identity of the bombers. No autopsy was conducted since no corpse was found.
Like for every terrorist attack in the West, the Brussels attacks narrative made by mainstream media is pretty winding.
Belgian investigators state it was the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Molenbeek District on March 18 to hasten the attacks. What? A petty pusher and prostitute boy to be an ISIS fighter and the mastermind of Paris, 13/11? Europe’s “most wanted man” nestled four months in the same neighborhood where he had always dwelt before to be captured after a shootout. Does it sound serious?
Attacks were known in advance by Belgian and Western Intelligence agencies. All the three suspects were known to the authorities as well. The brothers bombers Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui were arrested and questioned just a few days before. Brahim was on a U.S. counter-terrorism watch list before Paris, 13/11 and Khalid was put on the list shortly afterward.
Lest we forget, also some of the perpetrators of the Paris attacks were well known to intelligence services, as well as those of the London attack. Matter of coincidence? Matter of incompetence? Any big shot resigning from his position at the intelligence services? Well, it never happened so far.
Several media reports got reshaped the days following the attacks. Initially, Khalid died at the airport. Then, he was indicated as the perpetrator of the attack at the metro station – so, how could he walk along with his brother at the airport as shown in the still images?
Turkish authorities reveal that Brahim was detained and expelled to Europe last July and that they warned Belgian authorities that he was a suspected ISIS militant – Erdogan’s so kind towards his fellow Europeans, isn’t him? Actually, I find this arrest a sort of plot twist. Since long, Turkey has funneled militants across its border with Syria – it’s open border to ISIS! Isn’t that this time a paper trail was necessary?
Belgian authorities didn’t arrest Brahim El Bakraoui upon his arrival. Allegedly because their police liaison officer at the embassy in Turkey forwarded the information on him six days later.
An emergency drill simulating a Metro attack was held three weeks earlier. Really? Another striking similarity to Paris, 13/11 (simulated mass shooting attack on the same day), London, 7/7 (drills envisaging an attack on the subway just days before), and even New York, 9/11 (simulated plane attack on the same day). Incidentally, almost every most prolific terror attack site in the West had emergency drills mirroring the actual attack on or before the day it occurred. Just a coincidence, of course.
Further comedy lays ahead but let me avoid to consider it and have a look on the outcome of Brussels attacks.
The European Terror Tour happens to align perfectly with Western geopolitical interests. It promotes further Western military meddling in the Mideast on the basis of ‘fighting terrorism’ and the EU governments’ dismantling of civil and constitutional citizen rights. All the attacks share the same purpose: more control on domestic population, more power in the hands of the elite.
Those three patsies the media label ‘terrorists’ aren’t but pawns in the game, disposable tools easy to handle. ISIS itself isn’t but a clumsy short arm that couldn’t even carry a nail clipper inside Brussels Airport, let alone bombs and machine-guns.
It’s anything but a matter of comedians, folks. And #JeSuisBrussels my ass!

* Published by The Voice of Idaho on 2nd of April 2016

About Christian B. Malaparte

Christian B. Malaparte is a freelance writer mainly engaged in debunking the misrepresentation of facts in the mainstream media. He was in Donbass from the outbreak of hostilities in April 2014 until February 2015, and reported in real time the shelling of civilian homes in Kramatorsk and Donetsk by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He currently resides in Russia.


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