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Bleeding Africa, Feeding France

I arrived in West Africa in the 90s. I moved across all the former French colonies and most people whom I used to deal with were young (the oldest were children at the time of declarations of independence). As for their colonial past, what remained were the official language, the educational system, borders (African states … Continue reading

The Enemy Within

OK, let me get this straight: on the evening of Friday 13th November 2015, a squad consisting of shooters and suicide bombers suddenly spilled over Paris without getting noticed, and after circumventing any security control, they carried out a highly coordinated operation in 7 separate venues, whose death toll has resulted so far in 130 … Continue reading

Hell, No, I’m Not Charlie—I’m No MSM Useful Idiot!

I’m NOT Charlie, and I could never be at all. Because Charlie Hebdo was no journalism. It provided no information, no knowledge, no cultural deepening. It was no satire, for its cartoons could be funny to no one but the imbeciles. It was no criticism of society. It was no protest. Above all, it was … Continue reading